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Allandale provides a wide range of Products, Activities and Services to both Koi Keepers and Koi Industry. We provide some specialist services from Fish Pathology, Specialist Pond Design and Product Research & Appraisal ,rite through to Algae Sample Species Identification & Control Reports and Bacterial Filtration Problem Investigations & Supplies, we work closely with other leading companies in various fields around Aquaculture and Science to provide excellent services for all levels, from Goldfish Keepers to Koi Farmers.

Koi Import & Retail
As Allandale Koi is part of Allandale Practice, A Leading Fish Health Consultancy In The UK. Naturally Therefore We Pride Ourselves On The Health Status Of Our Fish, And Are Confident That You Wont Find Healthier, Safer Fish Anywhere.  Our facilities are considered BIO-SECURE, and was the first Koi Carp Retail Facility to implement  Foot Dip & Hand Wash Measures In The UK, which at the time was branded 'over the top' but is now, or should now be commonplace.

We Travel To Japan OURSELVES on a regular basis, Hand Selecting From Japan's Top Breeders For Quality That Stands Out By Far. Every Fish We Bring Back Is Extensively Sentinel & Cross Quarantined To Ensure The Highest Possible Standard Of Health Are Kept, And The Lowest Possible Risk Is Passed To Customers. Our Quarantine Policies & Activities Are Transparent, With Everything Being Logged Into A 'Quarantine Log Book' For Customers & Visitors To Openly View When Visiting, Please Ask To See It.

 See Our Policies For Details On Our Comprehensive Quarantine Procedures.

Japan Hobbyist Buying Trip
We operate buying trips for trade and hobbyists, with the majority of hobbyists flying out with us, or to us in October, to experience the thrill that is the famous 'Ike-Age' or mud pond harvests. You get to deal direct with the breeder, selecting the fish direct from their ponds, a bigger selection than you will ever have, truly a trip of a lifetime.

Fish Health
Allandale Practice Is A Leading Fish Health Consultancy In The UK, Offering Help, Advice & A Wide Range Of Diagnostic Services For Koi Keepers. We Offer Services From In-house Water Analysis, Post Mortems,  Disease Diagnosis And Live Bacterial Supply To Pond-Side Callout Services & Fish Examinations.

Remote Help
We will always try and give as much help to Koi Keepers in need as we can, we are only at the end of a telephone should you need us, and it isn't premium rate either!  We are currently trialing a system where a hobbyists who has access to a basic microscope can be sent on an overnight delivery a small camera system to connect between PC and Microscope. This can be used to relay live streaming images from the microscope to Allandale, who can help diagnose exactly what it is your looking at. 

Bacteria - Its Everywhere
Good, Bad and the resistant. We deal with bacteria on a daily basis, and have a wealth of knowledge, whether you want to grow it, or indeed kill it. By supplying LIVE, Industrial Strength Bacteria we can now get the Nitrifiers in a brand new pond up and running in a matter of hours, this is no sales gimmick, its pure science.

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